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Alfalfa Irrigation Management
Asparagus Irrigation Management in a Water-Short Year
Hop Management in Water-Short Periods
Managing Irrigated Pastures and Grass Hay Land
Mint Irrigation Management
Oilseed Rape Keeps Irrigated Land Productive during Drought
Sweet corn
Vegetable Crops
Visual Crop Moisture Stress Symptoms
Water Conservation, Weed Control, Go Hand in Hand
What Happens to Herbicides in the Soil Under Drought Conditions?

University of Idaho Extension Publications
Practices to Conserve Water
Tillage Practices for Water Management



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Determining the Gross Amount of Water Supplied—Surface Irrigation
Irrigation System Evaluation
Scientific Irrigation Scheduling
Set-Move and Permanent Sprinkle Irrigation Systems
Surface Irrigation Systems
Surge Flow Surface Irrigation

University of Idaho Extension Publications
Irrigation System Management for Better Water Use
Scheduling the Last Irrigation on Cereals




Beef Cattle Feed Management during a Drought
Cattle Management during Drought
Emergency Rations for Wintering Beef Cattle
One Method of Ammoniated Straw for Beef Cattle
Substituting Grain for Hay
Supplementing Cattle on Drought Affected Pastures and Ranges
Tax Implications of Drought Sales of Livestock
Tips for Dealing with Drought on Range




Home Water-Saving Methods
Lawns and Other Turf
Watering Home Gardens and Landscape Plants
WSU Drought Advisory: Water Conservation in Gardens and Landscapes
Horticultural Techniques for Successful Plant Establishment
Wood Chip Mulch Improves Plant Establishment and Survival
(Myth) Watering Plants on a Hot Sunny Day will Scorch Their Leaves
(Myth) Antitranspirants Prevent Drought Stress, Especially In Newly Installed Trees and Shrubs
(Myth) Leaf Wilt Is the Best Indicator of Insufficient Soil Moisture
(Myth) Use of Drought-tolerant Plants Reduces Residential Water Consumption
Link to Four Presentations on Trees and Drought from the Utah State University Forestry Extension program




Visual Crop Moisture Stress Symptoms
Tree Fruits



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